Eva Hagberg: It’s All in Your Head

Join us on Thursday, March 27th at 3pm ET for an interactive conversation with Eva Hagberg, author of the bestselling Kindle Single, It’s All in Your Head.

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Before the show, watch:
How to Heart a seven day video project leading up to Eva’s heart surgery

Before the show, read:
It’s All in Your Head Amazon Kindle Single
It’s All in Your Head: A Conversation About Being Sick Without a Diagnosis” at The Hairpin

On event day:
Visit the Google Plus Event Page for our chat with Eva – watch live and submit your questions or comments.

Eva Hagberg is the author of the bestselling Kindle Single “It’s All In Your Head,” a memoir of her search for a diagnosis and her travels in the world of maybe-cancer, as well as the architecture books Dark Nostalgia and Nature Framed. Her work on architecture has been published in Metropolis, Wallpaper*, the New York Times, as well as multiple other architectural publications. She holds a BA in Architecture from Princeton University and an MS in Architectural History from UC Berkeley. She is currently a PhD student in an interdisciplinary department she invented called Visual and Narrative Culture, where she studies autobiography, life writing, letters, architectural history, and the translation of stories from words to grocery lists to drawings and back again. She lives in Oakland, California, where she keeps an eye on two indeterminate brain masses and an elevated tumor marker, and is grateful for at least one answer of a Wolff-Parkinson-White diagnosis.

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