May 12 Episode – Q&A

Following our special ME Awareness Day episode on May 12, please see below the first round of unanswered questions addressed by our knowledgeable guests, Lenny Jason, Ryan Prior, and Llwellyn King.

QUESTION 1: “What would be your choice for a proper name for this disease [ME]”? – Gabby Klein via Google+

LENNY JASON: I think that returning to the original name of ME would make a lot of sense, but rather than just ask my opinion, I do believe that it is time to assess the larger patient community with a list of names and see which ones they would be willing to endorse. Such a strategy would be bottom up and involve the activist and patient community in a decision that really should be theirs to make.

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Peter Staley Thrive Show Transcript

Transcription generously provided by @alisoncarey.


JEN: Hello and thank you for joining us for this episode of Thrive Show. I am so, so thrilled to welcome today Peter Staley who many of you know from David France’s documentary film How to Survive a Plague. Peter has been a long time AIDS and Gay Rights activist, first as member of ACT UP New York and a founding member of TAG, the Treatment Action Group. He served on the board for the American Foundation for AIDS research


for thirteen years, and then founded, an educational website for people living with HIV. I just wanted to thank you so much Peter for joining us today. We’ve been so inspired by David France’s film and by you in particular and by all of the activists who fought and in many cases lost their lives to AIDS. Obviously the situation AIDS activists faced then is very different in many important respects from the challenges ME advocates face,


but so many of us found the film and all of that history, especially those of us who were too young to remember it, deeply resonant.

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Peter Staley Episode – Twitter Roundup

Watch the replay of yesterday’s inspiring episode with Peter Staley, renowned AIDS activist and one of the primary subjects in How to Survive A Plague.  Also, check out the Twitter highlights from the discussion.

“We had this wall of national resistance to doing anything to save our lives” on formation of   

— Thrive Show (@thrive_show) May 14, 2014

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POSTPONED: Tuesday 4/22 show with Emily Deans

Dear audience members, 

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are forced to postpone tomorrow’s episode with Emily. We will be postponing the event and hosting the live discussion in the coming months. likely in June or July. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your continued support. Please stay tuned for more information!

- Thrive Show team

Donna Jackson Nakazawa Twitter Roundup

Watch a replay of today’s episode of Thrive Show with Donna Jackson Nakazawa or check out the highlights from our tweets of the event!

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